Sunday, March 15, 2015

'True Friends' Hoodie

BK needed an active wear top for running and I had this really nice cut of merino wool/nylon/lycra knit that was begging to be used.  A quick look through the Ottobre Design magazines and we had the perfect pattern.  BK looked through my ribbing stash and picked an excellent contrast fabric.  I love this color combination!

pattern:  Ottobre Design 04/2014 #37 'True Friends' Hoodie
size:  140
fabric:  Watermelon Pink Merino/Nylon/Lycra knit from New Zealand Merino and Fabrics  ,swimsuit fabric for the hood and inner pocket bags, and cotton/lycra ribbing
modifications:  added some length to the body and sleeves, made thumbhole cuffs

Cold weather active wear tops have to have thumbholes (at least at our house)!  

BK picked a pretty aqua blue for the ribbing and I didn't have any jersey that was the same shade.  However, I had a rashguard that was too wide and short to fit anyone sitting in my swimsuit fabric bag.  It was a great match to the ribbing.  Bonus: the slick surface makes the hood slide on and off easily with minimum hair messing up.

I love everything about this top...the hood with ribbing on the edge, the welt pockets, the thumbhole cuffs, the wide ribbing waistband, the colors and most of all, BK wearing it!



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free For All!

The sisters at Frances Suzanne are up to it again with a twist to their Flip this Pattern series.  February is a "Free for All" where everyone can be a competitor and can use any pattern as long as it's free.  Who doesn't love a free pattern?

From February 9 - 20 various bloggers will be sharing a free pattern of their choice and you guessed it, today is my day!

size:  5Y/6Y, version 2
*Ideally, you should use a cotton/lycra or ribbing for the waistband but we were snowed/iced in and I didn't have any in my fabric stash that matched.
mods:  made the waist band a little longer since BK wears a 10/12 in ready-to-wear (RTW)

I'm a fan of all things Kitschy Coo and this pattern does not disappoint!  It comes in 3 sizes:  18 month/2T, 3T/4T, and 5Y/6Y.  There are 2 versions to compliment the rounded bum/belly AND the straight up and down body.  (I've got one of each.) 

 A couple of weeks ago, my middle girl needed a black skirt to wear to school.  They needed to dress up for their field trip to the symphony.  I had a black corduroy one started but ran out of time to finish it.  No big deal, she could wear her younger sister's black skirt...except it was too big. 

The morning of the field trip I got up early, printed off the Tennis Skirt pattern pieces, dug out some black knit fabric, and half an hour later had a black skirt.  The Tennis Skirt pattern saved me!  That skirt has been worn multiple times since that day.  You can't beat a basic black skirt.

I also made the Peek-A-Boo pattern shop Janey Jump Around dress. My original plan was to make a long sleeve top from it to pair with BK's Tennis Skirt but I didn't have enough fabric that would coordinate with the skirt. I need to stock up on solid knit fabric.;)

size: 8
fabric:  knit print from Joann Fabrics, City Weekend Interlock, and stretch velour from Chez Ami Fabrics (none of these fabrics are available anymore)
mods:  continued the ribbing on the neckline all the way to the side seam, left off the buttons/loops, did double sleeves (lack of fabric again!), and added length to the sleeves

I had fun mixing and matching fabrics for this dress.  I'd love to do a version similar to this.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ottobre Design Moto Jacket

When it comes to sewing, I'm pretty fearless.  I'll tackle any project even if I know think it's above and beyond my skills.  After all, if you break it down and take each individual step as it comes, it doesn't seem quite so complicated. 

So when my oldest daughter wanted a moto jacket, I threw caution to the wind and dove right in to my hardest sewing project yet!

pattern:  Ottobre Design Woman 02/2013 #11 'Biker Style' Linen Jacket
size:  34
fabric:  Black Pleather from Jo-Ann Fabrics and heavy black lining fabric (originally from my mother-in-law)

This was my first time sewing with pleather but it was very similar to sewing with laminate fabric.  I used a Teflon foot and a microtex sharp needle in my machine.  Just like with the raincoats I sewed, I used Clover Wonder Clips to hold the fabric together and for the front zipper.  Unfortunately, they didn't do me any good with the zippers on the sleeves.  I ended up using Wash A Way Wonder Tape to hold those in place.

There were several times during the construction of the jacket that I began to wonder what the heck I'd gotten myself into.  The sleeve gussets and zippers were not fun to construct.  I didn't really understand the directions at the start but went ahead and followed them. I limped my way through the first one and did an okay job of it. Midway through the second one, I googled "sleeve gusset tutorial" and came across this tutorial.  Even though the jacket in the tutorial has a seam down the front of the sleeve and the steps are in a different order than the Ottobre Design instructions, the pictures helped to clarify the process for me.  The second sleeve gusset and zipper went in much nicer!

The sleeves are set in which was a bit challenging.  There again, the first sleeve gave me fits but the second one went in smooth as silk.  Too bad I didn't have a practice sleeve to work the kinks out before sewing them to the jacket.;)  

It was when the jacket was almost completely done that I had my biggest issue....the hem band.  I followed the instructions  but the pleather kept stretching and getting wrinkled when I tried to sew the outer hem band to the jacket.  I had to rip out my stitching several times and the pleather in that section was starting to look rough.  Pins would have really come in handy here!  I ended up putting my walking foot on the sewing machine which helped some and topstitched the bottom edge of the hem band.  The topstitching really did the trick as it stabilized the band.  

So there you have most challenging sewing project(yet)! 

Threading My Way

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thumbhole Obsession

Ever since I put on my first long sleeve running top with thumbholes, I've been a bit obsessed.  It sure beats tugging down your sleeves to cover half your hand.  And I'm not the only one, it seems.  Thumbholes are popping up everywhere!

size:  10
mods:  added thumbhole cuffs

MG has taken over the other Bimaa top that I made (BK and collars or high necklines do. not. go together very well).  I knew the size 10 would not be slim fitting on MG but that was okay since this is a layering piece.  And I was too lazy to trace off the size 8.;)

I made new cuffs that were longer than the pattern, marked where the thumb openings needed to be, and sewed.  When I stitched the cuffs to the sleeves, I placed the thumbholes 1 1/2" forward of the sleeve seam.

Though it doesn't show up so well on the microfleece, I used a decorative stitch around the hood edge in thread that matches the cuffs and hem band.

Now MG is ready to go running with me on cold days...and we'll match!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Wrap Up

I wouldn't feel right jumping in to 2015 sewing with out some kind of close to my 2014 sewing.  I don't have the time (nor pictures in some cases) to devote entire posts to each of these so here's a down and dirty wrap up of 2014's projects: 

Hosh Pants, size 8 with yoga style waistband (the expanded sizes/waistband haven't been released yet), aqua interlock and yellow ribbing

 *Grandma Made*

I know I didn't sew these but they are so darn cute I couldn't resist sharing.  I did buy the pattern.;) Simplicity 1233 Frozen Costume MG wanted Anna's coronation gown and at the time there wasn't a specific pattern so my mom worked her magic.  Thanks Mom!

 The Thinking Closet Settlers of Catan free cut file on the onesie and the free Go To Baby Leggings pattern for a special baby gift that was long overdue.

Lady Skater Dress, size 1, blue cotton/lycra knit
Excuse the headless picture...K had double jaw surgery a few weeks before this pic was taken and didn't want her swollen face showing.  Yes, the hem is uneven.  Some things I just don't notice until I see a picture of it.  

Hangout Hoodie

Here's a sneak peek at some sewing that was done before K's surgery.  Once the pattern is released, I'll fill you in on all the details!

My sewing goals/plans for 2015 are to keep it simple and to only sew what I love.  Should be easy, right?  Hope everyone's New Year got off to a great start.  I can't wait to see what y'all make in 2015!